▷Reasons To Choose Artificial Grass Carlsbad

7 Reasons Why Choose Artificial Grass In Carlsbad?

Reasons To Choose Artificial Grass Carlsbad

Artificial grass has taken the lawn care industry by storm over the past several decades. There are now millions of residential and commercial properties that now take advantage of this amazing eco-friendly alternative to natural grass for their homes, lawns, horse stables, pet parks, sports fields, playgrounds and even golf courses. Such places as college campuses are also taking advantage of this amazing product.

Water Conservation

Artificial grass saves water. When compared with other ground cover options such as bark or concrete up to 70% less water is needed since no irrigation systems are required. That means less cost on your utility bill!

Little To No Maintenance   

Artificial grass saves time. No mowing, no trimming and no edging means you will save a considerable amount of time over the course of a year from not having to maintain your lawn.


Artificial grass looks better for longer! Unlike natural grass, artificial lawns do not require any sunlight exposure or rain exposure which can cause turf damage over time. This maintains a fresh full appearance that is both aesthetically appealing and safe for children and pets alike.

Adds Value To Your Property

Sales persons who sell Real Estate know that consider artificial grass as an exterior upgrade to increase the value of a property. A buyer is willing to pay more money if they don’t have the hassle of maintaining such properties such as watering their lawn or having to take care of it.

No Pests And Ants

Artificial grass doesn’t attract lawn pests like mosquitos or ants which can help prevent the spread of diseases such as West Nile virus and Lyme disease respectively. Since there are no insects using it as a buffet, there is no need for harmful pesticides that run off into our lakes and rivers causing harm to the environment.

Perfect For Every Environment

You can install artificial grass anywhere including areas where natural grass cannot grow due to climate conditions such as extreme heat, cold, dryness or extreme shade! It’s also great for people with allergies since there is no pollen released by artificial grass. Talk about getting your Vitamin N without sneezing!

No Need For Fertilizers

Completely maintenance free! You never have to water or fertilize your artificial grass, and it will always look as if it is just installed.


Artificial Grass has become a hot-selling landscape option and with good reason. It provides homeowners and business owners alike with superior design options which can beautify any space while saving money, time and resources all at the same time. For our services contact Artificial Turf Carlsbad at (760) 991-3400.